5 Kid Safe YouTube Gamers

So, your kids love to watch YouTube, and you let them. Then from the other room you hear a string of swear words exploding from your child’s tablet. Yep, that can and will happen when a YouTube gamer rages in a video. Swearing isn’t the only thing to worry about, some YouTube gamer’s can discuss highly inappropriate topics while in the middle of game play. You can read more about the importance of YouTube safety Here. To help steer you and your child in the right direction we have put together a list of fun kid friendly YouTube gamers and reviewers. Enjoy!

1. Learning Works For Kids: Let’s Play

LW4K Let’s Play releases weekly kid friendly Let’s Play style YouTube videos. What I love about LW4K is how they play a wide variety of games from Portal 2 to Overwatch to Portal Knights. Like any good Let’s Play style Youtuber they also cover Minecraft.

2. Unspeakable Gaming

Unspeakable is a fun channel where Minecraft is the focus. However, he spends his time making fun challenges, engaging with his fans, and even doing real life Minecraft role play. With hours of content on his YouTube Channel it is easy to monitor what your child is watching.

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3. Peanut Butter Gamer

Peanut Butter Gamer takes a fun approach to video game reviews. He will also cover other fun topics and the occasional toy review. Although he does show some hacks it is all in good fun.

4. Arlo Plays

Arlo Plays offers straight forward game reviews with a friendly kid safe puppet. He covers new and old Nintendo games from Pikmin to Mario Odyssey. His videos are informative and will keep your kids attention.

5. Popular MMOs

If your kid watches Minecraft vidoes then you have heard of Pat & Jen. Never fear they are both fun and 100% safe! Their videos explore the world of Minecraft with fun stunts, challenges, and parkour. If you don’t know what parkour is be sure to ask your kid and make sure they know the living room is not a safe place to practice.