YouTube and What You Might Find

Alex Mills 04/17/2019

Baby Steps: YouTube Kids

Though not specifically tailored towards gaming, YouTube Kids is a great app for the little ones.

Compiled mostly of toy reviews and short cartoons YouTube Kids filters out any undesirable content The recommended tab is one of the first things you’ll notice following the parental settings. It will ask you to provide a password so you can change settings such as the age level of videos that will appear, data usage, the ability to use the search bar and even a timer so you can limit how long your child can watch.

About YouTube and What You Might Find

Founded in February 2005, the YouTube brand was-

No, of course I’m not going to write a long-winded paragraph about the history of YouTube and all it’s content. But, what you should know as a parent of a young gamer is that the medium has a lot of content for the older viewer.

While most modern parents are prone to entertaining their child by saying “Want me to put YouTube on?” and then leaving their kid to it, it’s best to stop and think about what your kid might run into… (Anyone familiar with the Momo scandal?)

Remember, YouTube is not 100% safe and this applies to the previous block on YouTube Kids. Things can slip through the cracks. You might leave the room and find your kid watching gameplay of a horror title, videos with excessive swearing, or anything you may not be happy with them watching. So, in cases like this try sitting down with your child and watching with them – at least for a short time.

YouTube’s algorithm on what videos play next isn’t seamless, so take note!

You may also find a list of kid friendly gaming channels here:

Don’t Judge a Game By How It Looks…

For those unaware, there are a good handful of games out there designed to look cute on the surface, but in reality are horror games disguised as such… Sound shocking? Keep reading.

Doki Doki Literature Club

Some titles that come to mind are:

Five Night’s at Freddy’s Franchise

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Doki Doki Literature Club.

As stated previously, these are straight-up horror games designed to look cute on the surface for a more engaging shock factor. This is why it’s always good to keep an eye on what the kids watch and spend some time watching with them. I know I’ve personally had to warn some parents on these particular games, or ones very similar. Freddy’s is a popular choice among older children who aren’t easily scared, but always bear in mind (no pun intended) what the game might really be.

Though you may not always be able to physically sit down and watch everything your child is interested in with them, try asking what they have watched recently. With a bit of research just hearing a specific name will be an instant no-no on your part.

-By Alex Mills