Cuphead Makes it’s Nintendo Switch Debut!

Cuphead is a difficult but kid friendly game modeled off of 1930’s cartoons. One of the coolest aspects of the game is the original hand drawn art added to every world. Chad Moldenhauer would originally hand draw the animations and paint the backgrounds with a mix of watercolor and Photoshop. The end result is a 1930 cartoon style game play.

The game is marketed for everyone aged 10+, however I personally believe this is just due to the difficulty of the game play. Cuphead is not an easy game, but it is fairly kid safe. The main two characters, Cuphead and Mugman, need to pay a debt back to the devil after making a deal. They are on a time crunch and have to travel through some pretty far out worlds to collect the devil’s runaway souls. In exchange for their hard work the devil may allow Cuphead and Mugman to keep theirs.

Though very difficult, Cuphead is playable with two players locally from start to finish. Perfect for evenings at home on the couch with a partner, or your little ones. The game is very trial and error based. You are highly unlikely to beat most stages on your first try, but the main aspect is about going back for more and more until you eventually conquer the challenges laid out for you.

Out today for only $19.99. Give it a try if you’re up for a challenge

Anna “Froggie” LaVerne

Alex Mills