Those behind the scenes people who work hard to bring forth gaming knowledge to the parental masses.

Anna “Froggie” LaVerne

Writer of novels and mom of three very rambunctious boys, Anna fell into gaming out of necessity. Her oldest child is on the autism spectrum and through Splatoon on the Wii U she was able to build a connection with him. Gaming has brought a harmony to her house that she will forever be grateful for. Parental Cheat Codes is the brain child of both Anna LaVerne and Alex Mills after discovering many video games and online game bloggers are often not as kid friendly as they appear. It then became evident that there needed to be a single online source to help guide uninformed parents in the right direction, and PCC was born.

You can find Anna on Instagram and on Twitter

Alex “Sun Spirit” Mills

Lifelong gamer, lover of classic retro games and retro inspired indie games. Alex has been playing video games almost his entire life and spends most of his spare time researching the ins-and-outs of video game mechanics and development. Father of a three year old son, he one day hopes to bring his passion over to his young boy and potential fans of PCC. He met Anna through a gaming group focused solely on Splatoon and made a quick connection with her. Also an avid collector of video game and movie inspired collectables.

Alex can be found here on instagram and Twitter