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4/18/2019 NEWS

Cuphead Makes It’s Nintendo Switch Debut!

4/18/2019  by Anna “Froggie” LaVerne

Cuphead is FINALLY available on the Nintendo Switch! Originally only available on the Xbox. Cuphead is an often rage inducing game inspired by 1930s cartoons. Although the game play is difficult, they recommend the game for ages 10+, however I will allow my 8-year-old to play this game with me.

You have the choice to play as Cuphead or Mugman and the ultimate goal is to pay your debt back to the devil. Every world in the game is rich with a unique watercolor style art, most of which is hand drawn. It brings a level of whimsy to the game not seen in any other current game play. Cuphead is a single player or local Co-op game play (Fancy way of saying two player)

You can download Cuphead on your Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

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